Signs Which Show It’s Time To Buy A New Smart Phone.

If you have noticed, a new smartphone is launched every other month ; one, better looking than the other. With the advertising done so attractively, it tempts the viewer to change his existing phone and buy the new one.

But, have you ever thought, do you really need a new phone?? So, how would you decide this? Also at the time when the whole world is facing a challenge with an enemy (COVID-19) that there is no defence to till date, do we really need that upgrade?

Here are a few technical points to look out for which could help you make this decision simpler. 

1) It Does Not Support The Latest version of the OS :

Yes, your beloved phone performs all the basic functions that are expected front a smartphone. But what about security?? This is what the latest updates are for. 

They protect your smartphone from security breach. While Android flagships are supported by the latest two updates but again the high end android phones receive higher OEM support, same is not the case with mid range and low range android devices. iPhone users receive updates for anywhere between 3-4 years. 

To check whether your phone is still supported by the manufacturer you can check their websites where they usually put up a list of devices for which the latest updates would be available. Alternatively, Nougat and Oreo update trackers to see if your phone is on the list. 

2) Your Smartphone has become slower : 

A brand new smartphone is so quick to respond. A mere touch and the responses are immediate. Unfortunately, over time the response becomes slower. Loading of apps, gaming, everything takes time. Why does this happen?  Apparently this is because of Performance Decay – a term wherein some blame the users for abnormal bloat due to installation of so many apps over time. Others say that it is because of fragmented nature of management of files which, over a period of time makes its system files go haywire by breaking and spreading them all over the place. 

The main reason is, initially when the phone is brand new, downloading of apps is faster as the version used supports the app. But as time goes by the apps become bigger and more complex, your phone becomes older and does not receive the much needed update (unless as discussed earlier it a high end phone). 

So, if you’ve been using your phone for a couple of years and it has become slow to respond, you may think of changing it.

3) Poor Battery Life :

This is another sign that you need to change your phone. When buying a new smartphone, the buyer always, always asks about the battery life. It is one of the selling points of a good smartphone. It is because of a good battery that you can use all your smartphone’s features. To run a powerful smartphone requires a lot of strain on its battery. Moreover, as the battery of a smartphone is being used up, its full capacity is slightly less when it is being charged. Also, every time you charge your phone, the battery loses some of its capacity with every charge. This is the problem with all lithium batteries. (And Smartphones run on lithium batteries). One may not be aware of this but batteries have a finite number of charge cycles, which is defined as anytime you plug your device into its charging cable to charge when its power level is at 70 percent or lower. According to the Battery University, the battery in your smartphone will be somewhere between 84-73% of its original capacity after 250 charge cycles; assuming you charge your phone once per day, that’s a little less than eight-and-a-half months. So once your battery’s performance starts going downhill, it might be time to get a new phone. 

4) Burn-in on the display screen : 

Have you ever noticed a ghost image on your screen which just wouldn’t go whichever OS you are using or what is being displayed on the screen? Well, that’s Burn-in. 

Now here’s how you can check whether your device actually has burn-in, find an image file that’s just a single solid color (would be better if it is white) and open it full-screen. Then look around the display for anything that looks like a watermark. If you see something, it’s definitely burn-in. Also, If your device uses software navigation keys, that’s one of the most common places to see burn-in. While smartphones having an OLED display inevitably have burn-in those with LCD displays are not susceptible to it. Many smartphone makers have been looking for ways to prevent or slow this process down. But if your smartphone is a couple of years old and burn-in is an issue which is a major concern, it is time you think of changing your smartphone. 

5) Physical Damage : 

The most common concern amongst phone users. Everyday usage of smart phones can cause scratches and small dents here and there. But if it is something major like a shattered display or cracked camera it is better to replace the phone than trying to repair it. Also, some hard falls can cause internal damage to the phone which in turn could affect its functionality. In such cases too, a new phone may be needed. 

Now that I have pointed out the technical parameters to keep an eye out for, here are some other questions you can ask yourself if you are thinking of shelling out money on a new smartphone, 

Ask yourself these simple questions, 

1) Am I going to use the extra feature? :

Think about it, the new smartphone with just one new feature, is it worth buying it for just that reason? Be it a fingerprint or retina scanner or an extra camera, ask yourself first, how often are you going to use that feature?

2) How long will I use the new phone? :

Admit it guys, new smartphones are not cheap anymore. You will spend Rs20,000-30,000 for the new device. Of course it will be better than your older device, will have a new colour, new look but ask yourself this question first, will you be using it for the next 2-3 years at least? If yes, then go ahead and buy it. 

3) Is the newer model any better than its predecessor? :

The new flagships are no different from their predecessors but the price difference is huge. Think iPhone. The marketing is done in such a way that the new phone has great features, but some research and compare it with the older flagship before you decide to buy it. 

4) Is there any problem with my existing phone? :

‘Oh, it is so last year’ is NOT THE REASON TO SWITCH TO A NEW PHONE. 

If your phone is working just fine, why waste money on a new one. If it does have some glitches you can try and fix them with a few of the many useful apps available. 

So guys, before you buy a new phone think of all the above points and then decide. Buying a new phone on whim is a completely senseless thing to do. It’s just a desire that you wish to fulfill just to show off or feel good which is not a reason enough to put in your hard earned money into. You can use that money for something else maybe later. Remember, once you buy a new phone it’s value will drop fast. So, hold on to your phone for at least 2-3 years before you give in to your temptation to buy a new one. It would be a smart decision that you wouldn’t regret in the long run.

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