Planning to Buy the latest smartphone? Read this first

With so many smartphones being launched every year, month after month in the market, it becomes difficult and really confusing to make the right choice. Each new launch will be better than the previous one either for its display, camera or specifications. To add to all this comes the marketing promos done by the brands make a consumer want the latest model. Agreed, the newer generation phones will be slightly better than their predecessors yet the cost is almost double or even more. Is it really a sensible thing to spend your hard-earned money on the latest model of a smartphone just for a couple of new features whose value will drop drastically within a year?

To put my point across, I would like to compare a few latest phones with similar performing previous models. 

  • Nokia 7.2 (6GB/64GB) vs OnePlus 5T (8GB/128GB) or OnePlus 6 (6GB/64GB)
Nokia 7.2 (6GB/64GB) vs OnePlus 5T (8GB/128GB) or OnePlus 6 (6GB/64GB)

The latest mid-range entrant of Nokia comes with 3 rear cameras, Qualcomm Snapdragon 660 processor, 6GB RAM and 64GB Storage and is priced at about Rs. 17000/-, whereas OnePlus 5T  which is a two year old model is equipped with 8GB RAM/128GB storage and powered by Snapdragon 835 SoC. OnePlus 6 Renewed can be procured at around Rs20000/- and OnePlus5T Renewed comes at around Rs 16000/-.  The camera of all three above mentioned models are very good and perform well in low light. However, the gaming experience in the OnePlus phones is way better than Nokia. Even the phones from oneplus are way sleeker and carry last years Flagships processor. So if you are looking for a phone with more memory and storage, consider the OnePlus 5T or if you are a gamer you can choose between any of the OnePlus models .

  • Samsung Galaxy S10 (8GB/128GB) vs Samsung Galaxy S9 (4GB/64GB)
Samsung Galaxy S10 (8GB/128GB) vs Samsung Galaxy S9 (4GB/64GB)

Samsung never fails to impress its users. The Galaxy S10 also holds true to this but burns a hole in your pocket with a price tag of Rs 60000/- whereas the year old Galaxy S9 costs around Rs 23,000/-. Agreed, the S10 comes loaded with an excellent camera and the best in class display but so does the S9. Samsung Galaxy S10 comes with 8 GB RAM and 128 GB Storage, whereas S9 comes with 4 GB RAM and 64GB storage. Both come with wireless charging. If you are not into gaming, the Samsung Galaxy S9 will fulfill all your needs just fine with all the ease. You need to decide that just a bit of performance difference which you experience during gaming or very heavy work sessions, does it justify the price difference you are paying. No doubt the camera quality is superior in S10 from S9, but how many times you zoom into the picture so much to notice the megapixel difference. Just because it is a newer version of the Galaxy series, should one pay more to get their hands on the S10 model? 

  • Samsung Galaxy S10+ (8GB/128GB) and Samsung Galaxy S9+ (6GB/64GB)
Samsung Galaxy S10+ (8GB/128GB) and Samsung Galaxy S9+ (6GB/64GB)

      The former is a high range smartphone tagged at Rs 70000/- which has a good camera and supports wireless charging. But so does the Galaxy S9+ which was launched last year and now costs less than half of S10+ at Rs 30000/- . Performance wise both are very similar. Both support wireless charging and have a very good battery life.Again the camera quality difference is there, but do you think, whenever we look at those memories, we look at the quality of picture by zooming into it to see the minute details? So why pay 70k for S10+, instead buy the S9+ for less than half the cost.

  • Huawei P30 Pro (6GB/128GB) and Huawei P20 Pro (6GB/128GB)
Huawei P30 Pro (6GB/128GB) and Huawei P20 Pro (6GB/128GB)

In 2019, the Chinese giant Huawei launched the P30 Pro at around 60k whereas its previous counterpart P20 Pro Renewed can be bought a mere 25k. Both models have similar specs in terms of storage, memory, screen display. The P30 Pro is loaded with a 5x optical and 10x hybrid zoom camera. But just for this one feature is it worth paying so much for? So, if you can oversee the camera specs, the P20 Pro which also has a very good camera and comes with a premium design a very good option for 20k. 

Many features like NFC, android pay, apple pay are of no relevance in India. There is no value for your hard earned money, if you are paying extra for these features in India, as there are a very few places where you can use them (You hardly will). It really doesn’t make any sense spending your hard earned bucks on features which you can never use.

So friends, before you decide to buy the latest model of a mobile phone, do a little research, compare it with the previous year’s launches which have similar specs (well mostly) but will cost you less than half the price of the latest model of the smartphone. Remember, for most of us, we use our smartphones mostly for calling, messaging, mailing, social media, a bit of gaming, until you are a very heavy gamer, you don’t need the snapdragon 855’s or 865’s, your work can easily be done by previous years models also, which can be procured at a very low price. 

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