Multiple Camera Smartphones! Does it make a difference?

Smartphone, our lifeline. What would we do without them? Yes, they are called Smartphone  for a an obvious reason  because they are smart. Initially I used to think a Smartphone is a mini computer. I mean, we can do just about everything on our Smartphone that we used to do on our laptops and desktops : be it Excel sheets, Microsoft Word, Instant messaging (remember Yahoo Messenger !!) and so on.

Then the makers decided to take the smartphone one step forward by improving the quality of pictures taken with a smartphone camera. Over the years the picture quality has improved so much that now the manufacturers are coming out with phones that have pop-up cameras as well as multiple cameras in which each camera has a specific purpose; to tackle various problems related to photography viz. providing excellent zoom for better close ups, blurring the background, better low light performance and sharper image detail to name a few. The end result is the merger of the images clicked by these various cameras and with the help of inbuilt software to form one perfect image. Such phones have become instantly  popular.

 In fact, I know of people who would buy one such  new Smartphone  just for going on a family holiday. Till date there are Smartphone that come with 5 cameras . If reports are to be believed, by the end of this decade, we will be witnessing Smartphone with nine rear cameras. These cameras will be fitted in a large rectangular protrusion with the main camera placed in the middle. If this isn’t exciting enough, here’s more – the largest sensor will reach 1 inch. Now the question is, do we really need multiple camera Smartphone? Yes, there are pros – as mentioned earlier these phones solve most of the photography related problems. Also, they are lightweight, portable, small in size, no worries to carry many lenses and change them as required which mean it’s more reasonable than a DSLR camera. Most important, one doesn’t need any special skill to click pictures other than a steady hand, of course. Also, with various filters one can give their photographs different tones and looks and upload them immediately. No doubt such phones are becoming immensely popular and have a big market. 

On the other hand, there have been Smartphone like Google Pixel, iPhone whose picture quality is just as good. 

So which would be more in demand amongst the users?? Well that is a personal choice. The millennial for whom social media is the centre of their world and who love clicking selfies and pictures of anything and everything would definitely want Smartphone with multiple cameras – the more the better. People like us are happy with our single camera phones as long as they can make and receive calls, and click good pictures which solve the basic purpose. But for those who want those extra special details in their pictures, who wants to beautify every selfie they take, for whom social media sharing of whatever they click is a part of their daily routine, these Smartphones with multiple cameras are a boon. But the same goes for the battery and processing power also, the more the cameras, the more battery and processing power they will use.

But whatever your preferences are, you can go ahead and buy these phones with awesome cameras whether single or multiple by clicking the links provided below.

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