You know Motorola, everyone knows Motorola. They’ve been making phone for years, but the last few years they haven’t been making like really good phones. Until now anyway, they have the Motorola Edge plus which is it’s new flagship, it’s first flagship in years and this is seriously impressive so let’s take a look.

The first thing good about this phone is, its going to make heads turn. Motorola has been known break trends, they’ve done it earlier with its razr phones. This time also instead of going with the trend of similar looking phones, they risked to take a different approach and it really makes this phone look apart from all the other phones.

1. Display

  • The screen itself is a 6.7-inch display which is the largest screen Motorola has every put in any phone. Its a 21:9 aspect ratio, but it feels actually really nice in your hands. It doesn’t feel like you’re holding a giant phone. The screen has a 90hertz refresh rate so everything works super smooth. Colors are bright, the scrolling is smooth and it’s enjoyable to use. It has got a 1080p display, many may consider it a bummer, but we don’t think it makes any difference to naked human eye, also considering the extra battery life we get.
  • Motorola has done some cool things with this phone so let’s say this phone is faced downwards on a table, they have this thing called edge light so if you get any notification come in or call come in the edges light up.This phone has stereo speakers, one which is at the bottom, which is tha main speaker and on top of the ear piece and its pretty loud. The sound quality is really good.

2. Hardware/ Software

  • Now to the main part, this phone is a beast in terms of raw power, and battery. There’s a snapdragon 865 processor, 12gb ram, 256 gb of storage 5000mah battery that Motorola says that should last upto two full days. And the best thing is ,it has still got that 3.5mm headphone jack.

3. Camera

  • The main camera on the edge plus is a 108 megapixel sensor its the biggest and best camera sensor, you can shoot 6K video you can either shoot it at a full 108 megapixel. There’s also an 8mega pixel 3x zoom telephoto lens and there’s 117 degree ultra wide at 16megapixels which has really nice macromode.
  • On the front camera it has got a single punch hole camera. It’s a 25megapixel camera, which works with the same quad pixel technology as a bunch of Motorola’s other phones. It can record videos in full HD @ 120fps also.

Overall Review

So this is this Motorola Edge plus which has a great curved glass built with curved OLED display, there’s a flagship chipset loud stereo speakers, class leading battery life and a good set of cameras. In all this phone is really great. It won’t bother you for at least a few years at all and will function smoothly. As it has got a pure android experience, rest assured about updates, and you wont face any kind of hiccups with daily tasks or heavy gaming.For those looking to move away from the trend and have something different yet classy and powerful, this phone is recommended. As it maintains that ratio between being functional and being experimental. It maintains the build quality, usability and still makes the heads turn.

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