What is Image comes to your mind when you hear the name INDIA? Culture, traditions, beautiful temples, traditional dress, jewelry, and what not! India is the birthplace of many religions like Hinduism, Jainism, Buddhism, Sikhism, and many more.

One of my Russian friends once told me that there is nothing beautiful than the Indian Brides and the way she describes the attire, jewelry, makeup, and Bindi! She had so many questions about Bindi! What does it symbolizes and how does she wants me to bring lots of bindis for her.

So here is the Blog which includes my personal favorite 5 Bindi Designs of Five different states of India and their meaning with styling tips.

  1. Bengali Bindi
  2. Maharashtrian Bindi
  3. Gujarati Bindi
  4. Telugu Bindi
  5. Rajputi Bindi
  1. Bengali Bindi: Bengali Bindi style is one of the most popular bindi styles which originated from West Bengal. It is a large red dot between the forehead with a white liquid design which gives women a royal look. This is also known as Chandan bindi. It symbolizes good luck and prosperity. It is a must-try with the traditional Bengali saree at least once in your life.
Bengali Bindi

2. Maharashtrian Bindi: This is known as Chandrakor Bindi which means crescent moon. This unique Chaand Bindi looks lovely on the forehead which was earlier worn by women as well as men. Nowadays it is very trending to wear this bindi with a Marathi look and slay it with the nose ring( Nath) and bright color saree.

Maharashtrian Bindi

3. Gujarati Bindi: This Bindi is the small red dot placed between the forehead which is very common all over India. It is the most simple but classic look followed by women by wearing red circle dot gracefully with Indian attires like lehenga, saree, suits and other traditional dress.

Gujrati Bindi

4. Telugu Bindi ( South Indian Bindi): South India is well known for its authenticity when it comes to its culture and traditions. The Telugu bindi is red and white in color and it symbolizes good luck and prosperity. It compares the women’s looks to Goddess Parvati. It is very unique and women can enhance its beauty with pure gold ornaments and a south Indian style saree.

Telugu Bindi

5. Rajputi Bindi: It is similar to Gujarati bindi but differs in size and placement as it is placed slightly above the normal place between the forehead. This Bindi look gets complete with a Maangtike or Bor and with a bright color Rajputi Poshak(dress) & Jewellery. It is a traditional look of Rajasthani women.

Rajputi Bindi

The Bindi is not like an ornament in India, it signifies much more than that like good luck, prosperity, and a symbol of the marital status of women. Nowadays unmarried women also wear it as a fashion statement. Also, in Ayurveda, the point between the forehead and eyebrows is considered as the acupressure point which is good to retain energy and increases concentration as well.

Collecting Souvenir by Manali Jain

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