Women love to always work on their dressing style as to make it better and better. I personally call it “Women Tendency” when women do extra efforts to look absolutely stunning. We always love to do experiments with our hair, makeup, and most importantly our dressing style. We follow many celebrities and fashion influencers on Instagram to copy their style and dressing to look gorgeous & trending always. Here are 5 Jeans style which is picked by keeping all such things in mind and would give your fashion statement a refreshing touch. Just check out these Jeans styles and update your wardrobe asap!

  1. Skinny
  2. Flared
  3. Paper Bag
  4. High Rise
  5. Rugged
  1. Skinny – Skinny Jeans are also called “Cigarette Jeans” Because these are tight-fitting and skin-touching. These Jeans look absolutely stylish with any top. I called them low-maintenance jeans as it goes with every stylish top, jacket, or even shrugs. These are the must-haves for every woman if she loves to carry sexy and classy styles.

Bonus Tip: Style the Skinny jeans with boots and people will go wow! Just try it and you will feel such small variations with jeans can enhance your overall looks and personality.


2. Flared – Flared jeans are back in trend and these jeans look so gorgeous as it gives a perfectly feminine shape to your legs. Many women are not so sure about flared jeans as they think that it makes them look shorter but try these modern Flared jeans with high heels or high boots and your dilemma will be gone. Believe me! you are not going to regret this change in your style that everyone will love.

Bonus Tip: You can wear the flared with your high heels and it would just beautify your overall look and also try it with a cute crop top.


3. Paper Bag – The Paper bag jeans comes with a package of style with comfort. These are the most comfortable jeans that you can style with your top by tucking them inside the jeans. Having these jeans in your wardrobe will definitely make your dressing game stronger and people will admire you that you have a keen eye for fashion. It does look boring to always wear the same type of bottoms.

Bonus Tip: It is great for people who have very thin legs and do not like to wear skinny jeans. It provides volume to your bottom dressing.


4. High Rise – These are popularly known as High waist jeans I personally find these jeans very comforting and stylish. There are many great options available and I would recommend you to have at least one pair of high-rise jeans which you can style perfectly with your crop tops and shirts.

Bonus tip: If your tummy is big, these pants are amazing to hide the waist and flaunt the other body parts.


5. Rugged – The Rugged Jeans are a must-have when you want to have a different and exciting Jeans collection in your cupboard. These jeans are multi-purpose jeans, you can wear them at a party, in a casual day outing, or even to your date night with a stylish top. In my words, Rugged Jeans is another idea of being cool. There are low chances that you have not tried these yet but if there is then you gotta place an order of great rugged jeans on Amazon right now.

Bonus Tip: Style it with a casual white shirt with an amazing layered golden color neck piece with earrings. It would look stunning!


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