Yes! Like workplace etiquette or tables manners, there are few important rules gentlemen should follow while wearing watches. The rules are applicable to all types of watches from luxury, sports, casual or formal. These are basic etiquettes that will help you to carry your style statement proudly and save yourself from embarrassment as well.

So Check Out These 5 Interesting Rules

  1. Watch Fit
  2. Style & Dressing
  3. Non-Dominant Arm
  4. Do not touch anyone else’s watch
  5. Do not wear the watch to bed
  1. Watch Fit: One must know that a Dial size should be neither too small nor too large than the wrist as it would look very odd and it is the first rule to find the perfect dial size and band size as well. A small dial with the wideband would really throw you out of the style statement game of watches. Also, the watch should neither be too loose or too tight.

2. Style & Dressing: I would like to start this with an example as How would a person look in a classy black tuxedo with a bright red G-shock watch on his hand? I guess this is enough for you to set your watch game straight that the watch should match with your personal style & dressing of course. An apple watch on a sports outfit would look cooler than traditional Indian wear.

3. Non- Dominant Arm: Always wear your watch on your non-dominant arm as it would reduce the chances of damage when you are wearing it on the arm which is not used by you for all your daily job. This is the reason most people choose to wear watches on their left hand.

4. Do Not Touch Anyone else’s Watch: Many people do not know that it is rude if you touch anyone else’s watch to see how beautiful or royal it looks. Especially among men, their cufflinks, bracelets, and wedding ring also fall in the “Do Not Touch” Category.

5. Do not wear a watch to bed: It is a very basic rule but there are many people who are so tired after an office meeting or late-night party that forgets to remove their watch and sleep with it. It is not considered a good sign as it may interrupt your sleep and you will feel uncomfortable if the watch is too tight.

Bonus Tip: The watch that you are choosing should be of the value of money when it comes to metal, material quality, and the brand. Do not buy watches with studded beads on them as after some time the beads fall down and it will make your watch looks like a big loser! So, always keep in mind the metal that you are going to wear like ceramic, rubber, and chains that should match your personality and budget.

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