It is very trending nowadays to decorate our home and offices with beautiful live plants. Here is the list of 5 absolutely amazing home plants which can enhance the beauty of your surrounding and bring positive vibes as well.

  1. Snake Plant
  2. Money Plant
  3. Aglaonema Plant
  4. Ficus Plant
  5. Bamboo Plant
  1. Snake Plant – Snake plants are the ones that are known for their air-purifying quality. It is one of the best plants to keep inside your home and beautify. These plants are low maintenance and need water once a week only.

2. Money Plant – The money plant is one of the most common and beautiful indoor plants which is kept in homes from goo luck. It acts as air-purifying and removes indoor pollutants. It looks beautiful at the corners and even in hanging baskets in your living room.

3. Aglaonema – These are some of my favorite home indoor plants that come in beautiful different colors like red, pink, and green. It will require indirect sunlight to grow and watering should be done when the top layer of soil is dry.


4. Ficus Plant – It is very famous in Asia and Australia as it helps to remove pollutants from furniture and carpets of home. It is green in color and would look lovely at your office or home. Avoid overwatering the plant and natural light is best for them. You can use a spray to water the plant and keep the soil moist all time.

5. Bamboo Plant – Bamboo plant is one of the popular choices to keep on the office desk and living room table. it is considered as the bamboo plant brings good fortune to people if they keep it inside their home. These plants are also used for gifting purposes. It would become great eco-friendly gifts for corporate also.


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