Best trending bindis available in India

Bindi, it’s not just a word, or a dot wore by a woman in the center of the forehead. It symbolizes the point at which creations begin and may become unity. It also symbolizes the opening of the third eye. Bindi… Read More

Samsung Note 20 – First Impressions

Today we will be talking about the lesser talked about sibling of the note 20 lineup. Samsung has taken some bold decisions with this one. Lets see if this justifies the price Samsung is asking for this phone. Last years… Read More

Xiaomi Mi 10 – Worth the price??

Since the last few years Mi is known for making only mid range or budget phones. The last flagship phone from Mi launched in India was Mi 5 in 2016. This is a sort of comeback to premium segment for… Read More

Motorola Edge+ Review: A BEAST!!

You know Motorola, everyone knows Motorola. They’ve been making phone for years, but the last few years they haven’t been making like really good phones. Until now anyway, they have the Motorola Edge plus which is it’s new flagship, it’s… Read More

Oppo Reno 4 Pro: First Impressions

OPPO is expected to extend its Reno series in India. The company launched Oppo Reno 4 Pro on 3 July. The Reno 4 Pro is the most advanced version of the Reno 4. The device comes with a huge spec-sheet… Read More

Vivo X50 Review – Should You Buy It or Not?

Vivo released their all new flagship X50 series which you can see here and the other 2 are x50 pro and pro plus. The Vivo X50 comes in the price bracket of Rs.35000/-, whereas the more premium X50 pro with… Read More

How to make the most of your smartphone amidst the lockdown?

Here, in a way, our ever faithful smartphone comes to our rescue. Our smartphone is our companion day in and day out in this time of distress and to some extent helps us keep our sanity.

Signs Which Show It’s Time To Buy A New Smart Phone.

Every 3 months your phone model is updated with a new model in the same category, have you ever thought, do yu really need that upgarde?

Multiple Camera Smartphones! Does it make a difference?

Multiple Camera Smartphones! Does it make a difference? Smartphone, our lifeline. What would we do without them? Yes, they are called Smartphone ¬†for a an obvious reason¬† because they are smart. Initially I used to think a Smartphone is a… Read More

Planning to Buy the latest smartphone? Read this first

Why settle for a midranger smartphone, when you can have previous generations flagship for a killer price….